Move Your Audience

Our team is always innovating and building our library of expertise in presentation design. We have what it takes to help you close sales, raise funding, share knowledge, and inspire change.

Sales & Marketing

Communicate your unique value proposition.

The market is always changing, with new products and services popping up all the time. You need to stay relevant and stand out from the competition.

Our expert design team can help you generate buzz for your brand with a suite of fully customized presentations for your entire team. With persuasive communications and cohesive visual designs, you'll have the tools you need to attract customers, close deals, and boost your bottom line.

Types of presentations

  • Corporate Overview
  • Capabilities/Prospect Deck
  • Product Demo

Scientific & Technical

Demonstrate your subject matter expertise.

Data-heavy slides? Complex processes and diagrams? Our talented team of scientific and technical illustrators will take time to understand your content and story.

From there, they'll create custom visuals that make specialized information digestible for general audiences and meaningful for fellow subject matter experts.

Types of presentations

  • Clinical Trial Progress Update
  • New Innovation Launch
  • Healthcare/Biomedical Uses and Benefits

Analytical & Research

Present your key findings meaningfully.

Tell a story with your data in a way your audience can't ignore. We'll help you visualize your analysis by transforming dense, detailed information into simple, easy-to-read findings that support your narrative.

Types of presentations

  • Financial Performance Report
  • Survey Data and Findings
  • Knowledge Mobilization Seminar

Teaching & Development

Inform and educate with engaging content.

Onboarding a group of new hires? Reinforcing corporate policies?

Whether for a classroom or a webinar, we help you develop robust learning modules that communicate a lot of information effectively.

We ensure information sticks by combining text, visuals, and audio to consider all types of learners. With navigation and interactivity, you can adjust your program or allow your learners to choose their own path.

Types of presentations

  • Corporate Training/Onboarding
  • Technical Policies and Procedures
  • Learning Modules

Executives & Thought Leaders

Lead and inspire people.

You have great ideas and you're in a position to lead a team or company into the next phase of growth. People look to you for results and trust in your insights, but change or action is not always easy.

We'll help refine your story and design high-impact presentations that support your narrative, while keeping the focus on you. That way, you can do what you do best as a leader and a visionary—communicate, persuade, and inspire.

Types of presentations

  • Strategic Plan
  • Vision Meeting
  • New Product Launch

Founders & Investors

Share your business story.

Pitching to investors can be a daunting task. You need to communicate your business and vision in very little time, and convince your potential investors you're the real deal.

We've worked with hundreds of startups, so we know what makes a great pitch and what investors look for.

Our business-minded creative team can help refine your story, write impactful key messages, and design stand-out slides, so you can raise the funds you need to grow your idea into a thriving company.

Types of presentations

  • Pitch Deck
  • Series C Fundraiser
  • Investor Relations Quarterly Report

Why Partner with Stinson?

We integrate story and design to help our clients achieve more.

89% of first-time clients come back to us for our presentation design services.

Over $300 million in funding raised through our focused pitch decks.


We helped ZoomInfo develop an interactive sales presentation with custom graphics and polished, sophisticated animations that reflect their modern branding and keep their audience engaged.

View Case Study

From one corporate PowerPoint template design back in 2015, our partnership with CrowdStrike has evolved into creating branded templates and collateral, and keynote presentations for their executive team.

View Case Study

We helped this financial services group redesign their existing investor presentation to better resonate with their audience. The resulting pitch deck is sleek and tells their business story to captivate investors.

View Case Study
The LearnWell Projects

The LearnWell Projects seeks to help colleges and universities eliminate academic-related retention problems. We helped them visualize complex and abstract concepts using animations and custom-made illustrations.

View Case Study

We simplified dense scientific findings into a compelling narrative for healthcare professionals. Using graphics, photography, and brand elements brought the data-heavy presentation together into an easy-to-understand story.

View Case Study
Concordia University

Concordia's Faculty of Fine Arts needed help visualizing survey data in way that is easy to understand and engaging to its readers. We developed an infographic to help educate the faculty staff and inspire action.

View Case Study

Stinson is an expert at understanding information to visualize complex data and design clear text-heavy slides. They've helped improve the consistency of our presentations using a keen sense of brand and attention to detail. I'd recommend Stinson to anyone!

– Ralph Torbay, Global Head of Haematology (Marketing), AstraZeneca

Stinson has a real talent for creating and honing presentations into first-class communication tools. We've used them repeatedly and are very happy with their skills and abilities.

– John Kjarsgaard, Product Manager, Octapharma

We knew we had situations where our internal designs were no longer going to cut it. Finding and working with Stinson has elevated our external communications. The process is pain-free and quick. We have used Stinson on multiple designs, and plan to keep using them for upcoming design needs.

– Nick Centera, Director of Operations, TerraPro Solutions

Whether helping to build a presentation deck, brochure, or short video, the Stinson team has been great to work with. They are creative problem solvers who help us take the complex and make it easier to understand. We really appreciate their initiative and level of service.

– Nadia Franceschetti, SR. PRODUCT MARKETING Specialist, Moneris

The team at Stinson did an excellent job and were able to turn our materials around within our tight timeline. The team catered to our specific needs and were a great partner. The updated design is fantastic and bold.

– Jeffrey Yim, Vice President Finance, Borrowell

The team at Stinson understood so quickly what I was trying to show in my story, and made it so easy to tell it through graphics. I would use them again in a heartbeat.

– Teresa Carroll, Executive Vice President, Kelly ocg

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