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Sleek animations bring to life everything from icons to slide transitions, EXPERTLY VISUALIZED DATA communicates important information instantly, while superior slide design and concise copy make your key messages perfectly clear.

Sales Deck

This client provides researched solutions for green infrastructure challenges. They asked us to redesign an educational presentation that provided product overviews for stormwater management and integrating more trees in urban neighbourhoods. The deck was heavily focused on photography to showcase their solutions, but key messages were lost in the outdated presentation of information. We converted their slides to a modern, wide-screen formation to increase the impact of full-frame imagery. Larger, bolder, and easy-to-read text complimented the visuals.

Pitch Deck

This platform offers powerful advertising and analytics for e-commerce retailers and brands. They had an existing pitch deck that was content-heavy and clustered—thus, in need of a refresh. We reworked the story and separated content across multiple slides to make key messages clear and information digestible. Modern visuals and bright colors were used to create a consistent, on-brand, and visually engaging presentation.

Company Overview

This social media platform allows users to donate to charities based on the volume of sharing and interactions. We helped them develop a contemporary company overview deck to explain how their platform works, and why it benefits both users and charities.

Investor Pitch Deck

This specialist airline aims to provide non-stop service between Canada and Punjab. Their focus is on providing an outstanding customer experience. They approached us to help develop a pitch deck explaining their vision and strategy. To help tell their story, we distilled the dense content they provided, ensuring effectively flow of information. Rich photo visuals and colours were used to enhance the deck and promote brand recognition.

Sales Deck

This client's technology enables marketers to connect intelligently with their most meaningful audiences through digital media. We adhered to their brand visuals to design and refine their corporate sales deck, building off a document outline with key content notes. The final result was a clean and modern presentation that integrated photography and infographics to engage audiences and visualize data.

Corporate Overview

This company provides innovative detection, imaging, informatics, and service capabilities to help improve lives and the world around us. We worked extensively with them over the years to develop various projects from strategy decks to corporate overviews to trade-show collateral.

Corporate Presentation

This company helps improve services, focusing on human interaction. We created open and friendly presentations to showcase what they could achieve through their business expertise. Colourful and bright full-frame photos display moments to emphasize human connections.

AGM Presentation

A diversified holding company, this client approached us for help designing an Annual General Meeting presentation. CEOs from each of its subsidiaries contributed sections of the presentation, and we were tasked with unifying the look and feel of all the slides. Since the various presentations had their own tone and style, we first built a custom-designed deck from scratch, taking into consideration existing brand guidelines. Then, we compiled the content into the new template to ensure consistency from the first to the last slide. Photography was incorporated into each section to enhance visual impact.

University Recruiting

This Consumer Packaged Goods leader is a sought-after employer and one of the most respected companies in the world. To communicate the benefits of working at this company and attract new talent, they approached Stinson to assist with their recruiting deck. We applied a clean design style that aligned with brand standards, while ensuring key messages that were most relevant to their audience were impactful and easy to understand.

Investor Presentation

This software provides onboarding automation for the financial services industry. We improved their existing investor presentation with clean visuals and professional animations. Our strategic layouts created contrast in the presentation flow, maintaining viewer interest throughout.

Corporate Overview

This client is a premier retail sales, service, and fixture installation company. We redesigned their corporate overview deck, restructured their content to flow more logically, and modernized the slides to fit a widescreen 16:9 format. Text-heavy slides were visualized to support key messages and add graphic interest.

Instructional Video with Voiceover

Recognized for their original approach to collective action, this company wanted to develop a video that encouraged community action on social issues. This video was catered to French-speaking Quebec clients and would be included as part of an introductory package. Using a provided script with dense information that needed to be clearly communicated, we offered storyboarding services and developed a graphic concept to unify each key message. We custom illustrated visual assets and animated the content, integrating French voiceover to bring the video to life.

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