ZoomInfo is a sales intelligence service that leverages its industry-leading B2B database to help companies identify, connect, and engage with qualified prospects. With their proprietary technological infrastructure, ZoomInfo provides companies with a holistic view of their ideal customer to empower their go-to-market strategy.


Reinforcing branding and refining key messages.

ZoomInfo first approached Stinson to create an animated video for their sales presentation. They felt their current sales deck lacked impact and visually did not reflect the same level of polish and professionalism as their website.

After our initial discovery sessions, a deep-rooted pain point was revealed: the company experienced difficulty in developing the right messaging for its sales-oriented and marketing-oriented audiences. Although the ZoomInfo team used two separate sales presentations to address the different fundamental issues of each audience, they were not seeing favorable results.

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How We Worked Together

A versatile, strategic solution for long-term use.

Upon learning the difficulties faced by ZoomInfo, we identified the underlying issue: not only were the visuals of their sales presentations mismatched with the website branding, but the content of the presentation itself lacked a story—the initial request to create an animated video was not sufficient to resolve this greater issue.

We recommended rethinking the narrative and using PowerPoint to create the polished animations they sought after. Additionally, we proposed making one interactive presentation to be used for either sales or marketing audiences, rather than having two separate decks. This would enable the ZoomInfo sales team to easily access and navigate the presentation while presenting a custom solution to a specific lead.

Working with ZoomInfo's Head of Sales and SVP of Strategy and Corporate Development, we wrote a compelling narrative based on their original fact-heavy slide content to facilitate the audience's understanding of "what's in it for them." After rounds of mockups and working sessions, we used sophisticated animations and created custom illustrations that reflected their brand identity. The resulting sales deck was engaging, polished, and most importantly, highly functional for the ZoomInfo sales team.

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Project Impact

Readying the sales team for any meeting.

The collaborative nature of Stinson's approach to presentation design allowed us to craft a highly customized sales presentation for ZoomInfo that demonstrates our ability to integrated sophisticated animations and interactivity into storytelling. The result: editable, video-like presentations built on PowerPoint.

The ZoomInfo team is now equipped with a powerful sales tool that enables the sales representative to tailor their meeting according to their client and conversation.

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