Concordia University

Concordia is a major Canadian university in Montreal, Quebec. The Faculty of Fine Arts offers Canada's widest range of fine arts programs in one faculty, including visual and performing arts, technology and design, education, and therapy.


Raising awareness of students' wellbeing.

Concordia's Faculty of Fine Arts surveyed the mental health of their students to understand their experiences at the university and identify areas of improvement at the faculty level. The department wanted to visualize the data and circulate it to students and staff, and hoped for high readership of the results. The university engaged Stinson to create an infographic that would be easy to understand and visually appealing, with the ultimate goal of having the faculty recognize the student mental health landscape and take action accordingly.

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How We Worked Together

Storytelling with data to inspire change.

The Fine Arts Student Alliance office coordinator worked closely with students and was deeply involved with the survey and results. Understanding the value of the survey data and the positive actions it would help inform, Concordia trusted Stinson to analyze and guide how to best use the data to tell a story.

Working with the office coordinator, we selected the most impactful questions and results that accurately represented the current mental health landscape among the student population. From there, we visualized the results in a three-part static infographic, as well as in a dynamic animated video infographic.

Services Used

It looks great! Thanks for much for updating the infographic and sending it over. We really appreciate the work you have done on this project and we're very happy with the end result.

Jordan Beaulieu, Office Coordinator
Concordia University

Project Impact

Important data for key decision makers.

The infographic is available for public viewing on the Concordia Student Alliance website. The three-part visual was also sent directly to the faculty members and presented at their board meetings.

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