Specialists Within A PowerPoint Company

Published on
May 28, 2016

A good PowerPoint presentation design company has a number of experts, from designers to content writers, to ensure that you have an impactful deck of slides. Many people have the wrong notion that PowerPoint design companies, as the name suggests, only design a deck of slides. In fact, PowerPoint design companies work on many different aspects of the design process. They work on the design, the content and the overall flow of the slides, to match the purpose of your presentation to the slides. To get an insight about how the supply chain for a design company works, let us understand the roles and responsibilities of the specialists within a company.

Project Manager

A project manager is the person you will be in touch with. He is like the middleman, between the team and the client (that’s you). He will understand the purpose of your presentation, your requirements, the deadline of your project and your budget. Based on your specifications, he will assign the work to his team members. He ensures that the team members are delivering work on time and that the cost of the team does not exceed your budget.


Next on the list, we have the designer. He designs the slides, based on the purpose of your presentation. If you are presenting a deck of slides for an internal corporate party, a designer will come up with the theme for the presentation and the range of colors that will suit the occasion. In this case, he will choose vibrant colors since you have plans of presenting for a corporate party. Apart from the hues and colors, a designer will set the background for your slides.

Content Writer

A content writer plays an important role in the creation of PowerPoint slides. Since you need text in your presentation, the content writer will choose the right words to place on the slides that will create an impact. When you give your content to the PowerPoint design company, a content writer will pick out the key words and with minimum text, he will try to create maximum impact. A content writer should have great communication skills, and he should be well-trained in content creation for presentations. There are several guidelines that a content writer needs to follow, with regard to content creation for a deck of slides. For example, it is advisable to have less than 20 words on a slide, and only phrases should be used in a slide. Using sentences is strictly prohibited as the audience will lose interest if his/her focus is on long sentences. These are some things that a content writer has to look into when generating content for the slides.


A PowerPoint presentation is incomplete without the right images, graphs and special effects. An illustrator ensures that the appropriate pictures have been included in the slides. Since each slide has body content, the illustrator will work to balance text and image to reduce clutter. In addition, if there are large sets of data to be displayed, he will present them in the form of graphs and charts, so that the audience can understand the information easily. Sometimes, static pictures may bore the audience. So, an illustrator also has the responsibility of coming up with the appropriate special effects that will add the ‘wow’ factor to a deck of slides.

Once every team member has worked on the slides, it comes back to the project manager, who will ensure that the slides are flowing smoothly. He will go through the slides to ensure there are no glitches, before he sends the presentation to the client.

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