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A very creative and collaborative process that made me change my thinking and approach; a worthwhile and rewarding experience.

Shiraz Allibhai
Deputy Program Director
Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Stinson delivers a complete experience. The designers are fantastic to work with — they deliver on time, and their work is top-quality. Project management is very efficient with no surprises.


Stinson has been fantastic to work with. They managed the creation of multiple presentations for us. Our lead designer has always spent the necessary time up front to understand our overall goals, delivered high quality results in a timely manner, and is always open to suggestions and comments.

Scott Taschler
Director of Product Marketing

Academics and scientists are notorious for often failing to effectively communicate important and impactful research through poor presentations. We engaged with Stinson to improve our academic presentations and in short, the results were phenomenal. The professional look and feel, clarity of story flow and data presentation dramatically increased comprehension and impact. I have received numerous compliments on the 'outstanding' slide deck. Yes, it costs money but the investment is more than worth it.

Lee Jones

We worked with Stinson to create a series of graphic design slideshows for our company. Many of these required meticulous detail and even translations into other languages. Our lead designer was a rockstar when it came to sifting through all these changes. The product looks amazing and reflects positively on our brand image as a whole. Excited to work with Stinson on future projects.

Marisa Zemesarajs
Sr. Marketing Specialist
Park West Gallery

We’ve had the pleasure of working with the Stinson team on several projects and found them to be excellent design partners. They've always met our deadlines and the can-do attitude from everyone within the organization truly has made them invaluable partners.

Marc Lemire
TRUE Event Management Inc.

From the very start, we felt that our project was handled with great care and attention to detail. The team we worked with was excellent. Any question or concern that we had was quickly answered, our templates were fully customized to our liking, and we were thoroughly walked through the accompanying guidebook. Overall, we couldn't be happier with the new templates and knowledge that we gained during this process. Thanks so much Stinson!

Morgan Cichewicz
Sr. Graphic Designer
Longwood Gardens

Working with Stinson was awesome! They were great at following up and listening to our wants and vision. We had a difficult project and subject and Stinson delivered.

Jessica Du Bois
Benefits Consultant
Business Benefits Group

Stinson is a joy to work with—the design lead heard our ideas and really transformed our presentation. When we gave feedback, the edits were spot on. It's been so efficient and our entire team really appreciates the work!

Danielle Robbio
Communications Manager
Zero to Three

Working with Stinson was smooth, seamless, and easy. Not only were they great to communicate with, but were also thoughtful, strategic, and quick learners. We look forward to working together again! Thank you!

Danielle Papes
Associate Creative Director

The team at Stinson was able to deliver a project with short notice and on time. I thoroughly enjoyed working with them. They were able to understand my requirements very quickly and were able to turn around the work impressively fast. They certainly exceed my expectations. We will most definitely be using them for additional work.

Vik Devjee
Vice President
CIMA Cash Handling America, Inc

We are so pleased with the recent PowerPoint deck Stinson developed for us. The team was incredibly easy to work with, prompt, and the design work exceeds our expectations. We will most definitely keep Stinson top of mind for future projects.

Nicole Lawniczak
Account Director
Crowley Webb

Stinson is an expert at understanding information to visualize complex data and design clear text-heavy slides. They've helped improve the consistency of our presentations using a keen sense of brand and attention to detail. I'd recommend Stinson to anyone!

Ralph Torbay
Global Head of Haematology (Marketing)

Stinson has a real talent for creating and honing presentations into first-class communication tools. We've used them repeatedly and are very happy with their skills and abilities.

John Kjarsgaard
Product Manager

We knew we had situations where our internal designs were no longer going to cut it. Finding and working with Stinson has elevated our external communications. The process from rough design to the final product is pain-free and quick. We have used Stinson on multiple designs, and plan to keep using them on our upcoming design needs.

Nick Centera
Director of Operations
TerraPro Solutions

Whether helping to build a presentation deck, brochure, or short video, the Stinson team has been great to work with. They are creative problem solvers who help us take the complex and make it easier to understand. We really appreciate their initiative and level of service.

Nadia Franceschetti
Sr. Product Marketing Specialist

The team at Stinson did an excellent job and were able to turn our materials around within our tight timeline. The team catered to our specific needs and were a great partner. The updated design is fantastic and bold.

Jeffrey Yim
VP Finance

The team at Stinson understood so quickly what I was trying to show in my story, and made it so easy to tell it through graphics. I would use them again in a heartbeat.

Teresa Carroll
Executive Vice President

Working with Stinson was great! The team added a lot of great recommendations and ideas to the deck and was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Nate Dietz
Technical Sales Lead

Consummate professionals, delivering high quality, high value work on time and on budget. The team comes with my highest personal recommendation.

Rob Woods
Principal of Category Strategy
Under Armour

Stinson has been a valuable asset in translating my abstract ideas into visible imagery that powerfully showcases my message and captures clients’ attention.

Leonard Geddes
The LearnWell Projects

It was a pleasure working with Stinson—responsive and super efficient. We are very happy with the results on our revamped deck!

Christine Du
CBO & Co-Founder
Algen Biotechnologies

Stinson's team was very prompt, thorough and great to work with! Not to mention, the client loved the deliverable.

Meagan Kechter
Marketing Operations Project Manager

It was a great process. The structure was very clear, and we ended up with a presentation we all love.

Christy Shannon
Creative Director

Everyone at Stinson was so great to work with! They made my job easy!

Meghan Ozamiz
Marketing Manager
Farm Rich

Project looks great! The team was very responsive to all our notes and we love the finished product. Thank you!

Stevie Palmer
Executive Assistant
Wolper Organization

Very pleased with speed, design & enjoyed how our “ideas” were translated into beautiful masterpieces that could be board facing!

Jen Moyer
Vice President, Global Talent Acquisition & Mobility

Delivered a terrific product. The Stinson team suggested helpful ways to improve the outcome and took quite helpful notes during the review stage, and executed well. Very satisfied.

James Arukhe
No items found.

The Stinson team is very attentive to detail, flexible, and receptive to feedback. Their design aligned very well with what we were hoping to see in the deliverable.

Nima Emami
Avail Bio

How can we create presentations that make a real difference? Stinson taught us that it’s not only about creating a great design, but delivering a total package to tell an appealing story.

Kris Sierens

People really loved what Stinson created. We are very impressed by Stinson’s capacity to grasp the challenging material we asked them to work with! They did a great job!

Alain Meunier
R&D Advisor

Wonderful - prompt - helpful! Really happy with the results! Thanks!

Melinda McGrath
Achieving More Together

Stinson Design helped us create a presentation that delivers our ideas and insights in a compelling and powerful way, while setting us apart from the competition. We look forward to working with the agency’s account management and creative team again.

Jeffrey Schoenborn
Casteel Schoenborn

Nice working with the team. Good communication and enthusiasm level. They understand the requirements well and have awesome design skills.

Umesh Tripathi

Stinson designed presentations that we could easily adapt and use for different purposes: company meetings, client presentations, and investor interviews. They provided excellent communication, making sure we were on the same page throughout the project. The team managed to meet our short timeline and promptly made any changes we needed.

Jonathan Pepin
Product Lead
E+ Green

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Frequently Asked Questions

Working with Stinson: The Presentation Agency

What exactly do presentation agencies do?

We provide all the help you may need to design presentations that achieve your goals. This can include content consulting, presentation slide design, custom icons and illustrations, and presentation handouts—ultimately, our team of PowerPoint designers and consultants develop a comprehensive presentation solution that meets your specific needs.

Why do companies work with presentation agencies?

Consider how much time you (or your team) spend making PowerPoint presentations for meetings. Think about the back and forth over which fonts, colors, icons, and images to use. Is it okay to use bullet points? Did you use the right brand colors? Does the slide look too crowded and busy? Or does it look too plain? How do you create the look and feel that you're picturing? After the design is done, do you have enough time to practice presenting?

As presentation experts, it is our second nature to understand your goals and work with you to create the professional PowerPoint deck that you envisioned. You can learn more about our 3-phase process here.

By leaving the presentation design to an agency like Stinson, you save yourself the time and worry over the look, feel, and progression of your presentation—we make your PowerPoint presentation-ready so that you can focus on the presentation delivery.

Which presentation design service will I need?

As a presentation company, we offer every service you may need to develop your you may need to develop your PowerPoint—however, it's tough to say exactly which services of ours would benefit you the most without having chatted about your company, industry, and presentation uses.

We've generalized the scenarios that we regularly see and help our clients with. If your situation is similar to any of the below, then rest assured that our presentation experts have proven success in developing solutions.

  • You have an upcoming presentation with investors or clients. You feel your slide deck looks outdated or dull, and you don't know how to help it. You're also not sure if the content in your presentation conveys your value. View our case study where our presentation development and content consulting services helped our client achieve their investor funding goals.
  • Your company has regular internal department presentations. Everyone works on their respective slides, which are then combined into one presentation deck. The resulting PowerPoint does not have a cohesive look and somehow, there are five new shades of your corporate colors. We can help you identify your common slide layouts and design easy-to-use custom PowerPoint templates so your team members can create seamless, unified slides.
  • Your company has a great PowerPoint template that strongly reflects your branding, but your team tends to include too much text and irrelevant images on their slides. During the presentation, key messages are lost. We offer presentation training for exactly this—we'll train your team to create better slides more efficiently.

Expectations when working with us

How does partnering with a PowerPoint designer work?

Once you contact us, we'll meet with you and ask for as much context as possible regarding the project: what materials you already have, who is presenting, who is the audience, and so on—this is our Discover phase. From there, we move onto Develop and Design where we start defining the narrative and visual characteristics of your new presentation. For more details, please read our process.

How long do projects take?

Our standard turnaround for presentation development is 2–4 weeks; for custom presentation templates, our typical turnaround is 3–6 weeks. We know this is a wide range, but due to the collaborative nature of our presentation design process (i.e. asking for and incorporating your feedback), our turnaround time also relies on your responsiveness and availability. We do offer a rush service if your timelines are short.

How much does a presentation design cost?

We price on a project-by-project basis, involving a number of key factors outlined in our pricing model. However, we do require a minimum project cost of $1,500.

We often see companies that do not have budget allocations for presentation design and are hesitant to make the initial investment. We understand—at first, it can be difficult to see the value and difference a well-designed, practical presentation can make. For our clients that started in this situation, we worked on a smaller pilot test project; when they saw the positive ROI of the presentation, they were able to secure larger budgets and found more presentations that needed our help.

What are the final files that I will receive?

All of our final PowerPoint (or other presentation software) deliverables are shared with you in its native, editable file format. We are also able to provide a PDF or video version of your presentation if you would like.

Any presentation collateral we design for your project is shared as a ready-to-print PDF, unless if you specify a different preference.

Have you worked with other clients in my industry? Can you share related samples?

Our list of clients spans a wide range of industries, some of which we hadn't known of prior to the client's project. Since our approach involves familiarizing ourselves with the client's business and industry, we've become a team of jacks-of-all-trades for industry knowledge.

We're able to share blinded, industry-specific samples of presentations that our clients have consented to. Contact us if you're interested!


Aside from PowerPoint, do you work in Google Slides? Keynote? Prezi?

Yes! While we prefer designing PowerPoint presentations due to its robust features that let us create advanced designs, we've created custom presentation designs in Google Slides and Keynote at our clients' request.

We generally do not design presentations in Prezi since it does not support the level of design customization that we need for our clients. Instead, we use PowerPoint to create the same animations and layouts that are characteristic of Prezi presentations—you can view examples in our portfolio.

Will we run into issues if we use Mac and/or Windows PC?

There are some differences in functionality between PowerPoint for Mac and PowerPoint for Windows—but these are not for your concern! We use both Mac and Windows computers at Stinson, so we're able to ensure cross-device compatibility with every PowerPoint presentation we design. During our initial call with you, we'll ask you for these tech specs so that we know to bear them in mind when working on your project.

Does it matter which version of PowerPoint we use?

Yes; the latest versions of PowerPoint have new functions and features that earlier versions of PowerPoint cannot load. We'll take note of your tech setup to ensure that our presentations for you run as intended.

Designing with branding

How are you able to design with our company's brand?

If you have any brand guidelines, we ask you to provide them early on in the process so that we can familiarize ourselves not only with your logos, colors, and fonts, but the overarching brand tone. Our collaborative process includes rounds of revision for you to provide your feedback on the presentation design.

Are you able to design within our very strict corporate brand guidelines?

Absolutely! Many of our clients are companies with well-established brand identities. We do our due diligence to maintain the integrity of their branding when designing their presentations and collateral.

Strict brand guidelines do not necessarily restrict the possibility of creating a sophisticated PowerPoint; our presentation designers thoughtfully use photos, animations, and other visuals to build the story.

We don't have concrete branding yet or we're in the process of updating our brand. Can you work without defined brand elements?

Yes! When we work with clients who are still ironing out the details of their branding, we ask them to provide us any materials they have already and to share their design inspirations. From there, we lay out moodboards of different tones and styles to see which resonates the most with what our client has in mind.


We have highly sensitive information. Will my data remain confidential?

Absolutely—we respect the proprietary nature of businesses, and enforce a strict confidentiality policy company-wide. From the first point of contact with you, we assume a non-disclosure agreement (NDA); we are happy to sign your company's NDA as well.

Where do you store my files and data?

All of our files are stored securely in an industry-leading content server. The server exceeds regulatory standards and encrypts each file using AES 256-bit encryption in diverse locations.

Additionally, the Stinson team works completely in-house, so your files will not cross borders.

How secure is my data?

We take data security seriously. We enforce numerous internal policies and procedures to ensure that Stinson continues to meet compliance and security standards for data protection, including multi-factor authentication for all company accounts and access restrictions.

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