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We love our work

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients succeed. Our team
can turn dated slide decks into powerful stories – helping our clients
close sales, raise investment, and inspire change.

our process

Story Boarding

We use proven storytelling techniques to captivate your audience form beginning to end and optimize the information output.

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Copy Writing

Crowded slides with disorganized ideas will drive your audience away. Our PowerPoint Services include giving your presentations a clear and concise message.

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Voiceover & Audio Editing

Whether you need a voiceover to give the presentation remotely or want sound effects to enhance slides, our in- house team can help.

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Custom Graphics

From icons to illustrations to technical drawings, our highly skilled team can take your project to the next level with gorgeous made-to-order graphics.

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Photo Sourcing

Let us find the prefect photos to tell you story. Quality photos are the difference between average and extraordinary presentations!

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Video Integration

Integrating videos into your presentation can help pace the story and make the pitch more dynamic. We can create, edit and integrate all video formats as part of the PowerPoint services we offer.

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the source material

Before beginning a project, we want to take time to fully understand the content and key message so that we can help you tell the perfect story. During our first meeting, we’ll have you walk us through your material in detail and then work with you to define the strategic objectives of your presentation.


a compelling story

Your audience will only remember the key points of your presentation so it’s important that you make them easy to follow. Let our talented writers organize your material into a clear and coherent story.


the message

Pare down your slides and let your voice do the talking. Our writers will help you manage all your information and pare down to the essentials to bring your key points to light.


stunning designs

Ok, this is our favourite part...we can’t help it! Drawing, designing and animating is in our (very) creative bones. We take pride in our work and communicate with you every step of the way to ensure that you love our designs just as much as we do.


our work

We double-check everything to make sure we give you pixel perfect, glitch-free results. All you need to worry about is your big reveal!