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Past Work

Sponsorship package


Aaron Colton is one of the most well known athletes in Freestyle Street Bike. Knowing this, we developed a cool and edgy style that matches his personal branding and the nature of his sport. The style worked in both animate and still format, resulting in a high-impact presentation and sponsorship PDF package.

Investment pitch deck


This client came to us proposing a revolutionary way of lending and investment. They had an existing pitch deck but it was pretty bare bones and was loaded with information. We pared it down into digestible pieces, keeping just enough details so that investors can satisfy their curiosity. With the new deck in hand, they were able to raise a record amount of funding.

Financial pitch deck


KreditShare needed a pitch deck that could simplify complex financial concepts while maintaining enough stylistic punch to win over large investors. They came to us with an idea and some source material, and we talked through the content in detail. We chose a clean illustrated style that animates well and resonates within the financial realm. Our team then went to work-creating a storyboard, proposed content additions, and wrote new screen content. A handout summarizing the presentation was also included.

Infographics from meeting notes


Every month Collective IQ comes to us to create an infographic of their inspirational and informative meetings. Using meeting notes taken by Collective IQ members, we pull out key points that highlight the essence of the meetings and rewrite the text so that it can translate onto an infographic. Our designers then turn the text into visuals and create custom illustrations that help convey each point. This visual summary provides them with a compact, easily-digestible overview of the meeting that can be distributed to members as a refresher or a stand-alone piece for anyone that wasn't in attendance.

AGM Presentation


Dundee Corporation needed help designing a presentation for their Annual General Meeting. CEOs from each of its subsidiaries were inputting their separate sections and we needed to unify the look and feel. Compiling several presentations, each with its own tone and style, we compiled them all into one deck with a new and enhanced design based on their brand guidelines. Photography was also incorporated from each of the subsidiaries to enhance the impact of their financial review slides.

Instructional video with voiceover


Communagir’s goal is to encourage community action on social issues and they wanted to create a voiceover video as part of their information package. The video needed to be in French for their Quebec clients and there was a lot of information that needed to be clearly communicated. Using a script they had provided us, we storyboarded the video and came up with graphic ideas to communicate each of their concepts. We animate all the content and illustrations and combined it with a voiceover to bring it all to life.

“We presented the video to the people who have been developing its content for the past 2 and ½ years. It was a great success. People really loved what Stinson created. Everyone is looking forward to showing it in different contexts. We are very impressed by Stinson’s capacity to grasp the challenging material we asked them to work with! They did a great job!”


Corporate presentation


This client is in the business of improving service, with a focus on human interaction. We created presentations for them that were open and friendly, showcasing what they could do with their business with the very first look. Colourful and bright full page photos displaying moments help showcase the focus on human connections.

Before & After Samples

NGA Before

Financial pitch deck

Presentation, financial, data
The overload of information and use of SmartArt did little to inspire the audience. Stinson’s designers analyzed the content, identified the key points, and conceptualized a graph that showcased complex financial information in a visual way. The graph uses animation to create interest and size-hierarchy to highlight the most important points.

Hilton Before

Corporate AGM presentation

Presentation, hospitality, illustration
Text and bullets ruled this client's original presentation. We broke down data from the original slide and reinterpreted it using an infographic approach. The new graphics and differentiation by colour made the slides more visually interesting and impactful.

Redbull Before

Financial pitch deck

Presentation, financial, data, illustration
It’s hard to tell what you should be focusing on in the original slide. There is so much information competing for your attention, yet nothing really makes a significant impact. We knew this busy slide required distilling: taking out what was excessive and leaving what was mandatory. The result is a single prominent takeaway point designed using bold colours and imagery.

Quantius Before

AMG Presentation

Infographic, CPG, illustration
An outdated template and paragraphs of text drowned out the message of this slide. Each point was broken out into three separate slides and the data was replaced bygraphic elements. The new slides are simple enough for the information to be easily digested and the audience can now focus on the presenter instead of reading the presentation.

Case Studies

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Case Study Title

Case Study Title

Case Study Title