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Creative, skilled and experienced

Stinson Design has years of experience creating and designing PowerPoint presentations and collateral presentation materials. We’re always on top of the latest trends in the industry and we’ll take this know-how to apply it to our work. A great presentation takes time and skills—we can bring your idea to life so you can focus on the presenting part.

We get business too

Good design is only half the equation; understanding your business, your audience, and your value proposition is the other. We have experience working in CPG to corporate finance and know how to speak your language. With our business savviness and creativity, we create presentations that are meaningful to your audience and have serious eye appeal.

A fantastic in-house team

Only the most flexible minds make it on the Stinson Design team. Our staff includes copywriters, art directors, designers, and project managers. We also have experience with motion graphic design and have the ability to work on custom 3D videos. Together, these well-oiled components allow us to successfully integrate at all stages of the design process.

“Consumate professionals, delivering high quality, high value work on time and on budget, the team comes with my highest personal recommendation.”


Looking for a place to unleash your skills and creativity? We have a seat waiting just for you.

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the source material

Before beginning a project, we want to take time to fully understand the content and key message so that we can help you tell the perfect story. During our first meeting, we’ll have you walk us through your material in detail and then work with you to define the strategic objectives of your presentation.


a compelling story

Your audience will only remember the key points of your presentation so it’s important that you make them easy to follow. Let our talented writers organize your material into a clear and coherent story.


the message

Pare down your slides and let your voice do the talking. Our writers will help you manage all your information and pare down to the essentials to bring your key points to light.


stunning designs

Ok, this is our favourite part...we can’t help it! Drawing, designing and animating is in our (very) creative bones. We take pride in our work and communicate with you every step of the way to ensure that you love our designs just as much as we do.


our work

We double-check everything to make sure we give you pixel perfect, glitch-free results. All you need to worry about is your big reveal!